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February 2011
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Will ‘One Tree Hill’ Get A Ninth Season? Sophia Bush Tells Us: ‘I Doubt It!’ Exclusive!

Now more than halfway through its eighth season, One Tree Hill is one of the longest running dramas on The CW — but will it live to see season nine? caught up with star Sophia Bush to get the scoop: “We only have a month left to shoot, and as of now we haven’t heard anything about it coming back,” she told us Feb. 13 at the Max Azria show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC. “So I doubt it.”

As for what’ll happen to the Tree Hill gang in the series’ final episodes, Sophia said she just hopes every character ends up “happy and fulfilled.”

“I’ve enjoyed playing Brooke because she’s gone through every phase in her life where she’s learned to not be fulfilled by other people, and now that she has the confidence as an individual she can be fulfilled by herself,” she told us. “It’s an amazing evolution. She’s got a lot of things worked out, so I’d like to see her get her work back in some sense, because it’s a big part of what defines her.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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