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October 2011
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Sophia Bush asks fans to fight for Lennox the dog

Sophia Bush is no fan of bullies, and she proved it again this week when she pled with her Twitter followers to join the Save Lennox movement.

Lennox is a 6-year-old dog who was seized from his home in Belfast, Ireland in May 2010 because he was thought to resemble a “pit bull type dog”. Pit bull terriers are one of several breeds banned in Northern Ireland as part of the 1991 “Dangerous Dogs Act”. Lennox was taken from his owner Caroline Barnes not because of any aggressive behavior or violence against another Belfast resident, but merely because of his appearance.

Bush tweeted her 400,000+ followers on Friday, asking them to click on a link to a new website set up to collect information for Lennox’s final appeal.

This is the second time Bush has made her voice heard as part of the Save Lennox movement. In March, the One Tree Hill star revealed that the movement had resonated with her because of her own relationship with her one-eyed pit bull ‘Patch’:

Please help. My Patch is a pitbull and he is incredible. Lennox is a good dog. #SAVELENNOX Appeal being launched!… Lennox is an aid for his family’s disabled daughter. He was taken b/c he “looks” like a pitbull?! Please #SAVELENNOX

After 16 months of fighting, over 100,000 petition signatures and a Save Lennox social networking movement that has gone viral worldwide, Barnes has been denied at every appeal in front of the Belfast City Council (BCC). Lennox is set to die in 21 days unless Barnes’ legal team can find a “legal loophole” to overturn the case.

A new website called “Save Lennox Law” launched within hours of Friday’s ruling that Lennox would be destroyed. After 16 months in a kennel, Lennox is reportedly so stressed that his hair is falling out and the vet in charge of his care has”pumped” him with antidepressants.

There is also a smaller movement from Lennox supporters to “Boycott Belfast” until Lennox is freed. Among the 2,500+ messages on the Save Lennox Facebook Page since Friday’s death verdict, advocates have reportedly contacted celebrities including Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Brian May, Pink, Bono and Cesar Milan to join the Save Lennox cause. Other organizers have stated they plan to hold a peaceful demonstration at the MTV Europe Awards, which are scheduled to be held in Belfast on November 6th.

Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder has also expressed his support for the Save Lennox cause.

Source: Examiner

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