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February 2014
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Sophia Bush Says Rest of ‘Chicago PD’ Season is ‘Quite a Ride’

Last weekend, actress Sophia Bush took a break from filming—she’s the star of NBC’s new Chicago Fire spin-off, Chicago PD—to give back during Barefoot Wine’s Soles of the Year Event, which this year benefited Trio Animal Foundation. We caught up with Sophia at the event to talk about the show and how she’s been spending her extended time in Chicago while filming.

What were some of the challenges or preparations for your role as Erin Lindsay in Chicago PD?
SOPHIA BUSH: We began preparing for the show with a full week of boot camp with the Chicago [Police Department]; we spent time with intelligence officers, who are working undercover, to learn about their lives and the stresses of the job; we spent time doing tactical training with the SWAT team, as well as drive training. It was a serious process, and also so inspiring. Most of us have no idea how hard these men and women work so that we can sleep soundly at night. I am in awe of them.

Have you discovered any great restaurants here?
SB: I’ve been trying to hit so many restaurants here! Avec (615 W. Randolph St., 312-377-2002), Mott Street (1401 N. Ashland Ave., 773-687-9977), Fat Rice (2957 W. Diversey Ave., 773-661-9170), and Sunda (110 W. Illinois St., 312-644-0500). And I have officially discovered the world’s best turkey sandwich at J.P. Graziano deli (901 W. Randolph St., 312-666-4587). This city is food heaven.

Anything else you’ve enjoyed?
SB: I love how many great museums there are in the city. There is so much art and vibrancy. And of course, hockey games!

Is there anything you haven’t yet done or seen that you hope to while in Chicago?
SB: I’m hoping to make it to more Bulls games.

What do you miss most about LA while being here?
SB: LA is my home, so I always miss it: my family, best friends, and sleeping in my own bed. But Chicago is such a great city, and it’s really become my home away from home. I’m very happy here.

What can viewers expect in the coming episodes/seasons of Chicago PD?
SB: Hold on to your hats, people! The rest of the season has us in for quite a ride. We have a crossover coming up with Law & Order: SVU when we return to air on February 26, and then a big crossover episode with Chicago Fire as well. It’ll be action-packed, and you’ll also learn more and more about our characters and what makes them tick.

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