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May 2014
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Chicago PD Season Finale Spoilers ft. Lindsay

Question: Ausiello! Please tell me you have some scoop on Chicago P.D.! —Sarah
Ausiello: Sarah! I do! A blast from Lindsay’s past (played by The Lost Boys’ Billy Wirth) shows up in the May 7 episode to uncover a bit of the detective’s troubled history. “Everybody wants answers as to where she comes from. How dark was her past? What did she go through? What did she see?” previews her portrayer Sophia Bush. “The person who shows up will give the audience a little information about where she comes from. It throws her in a way that we’ve never seen her thrown before.” The aftereffects will reverberate through the May 21 season finale, in which Lindsay has to “confront her past, not just sweep it under the rug, but do the right thing. Past Lindsay and Present Lindsay really have to learn how to coexist in the finale. She gets tested.”

Source: TVLine

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