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August 2014
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Knuckledusters at the ready! Hilary Rhoda and Sophia Bush play boxers in new short film for jewelry label Dannijo

As workouts go, boxing and ballet are both favorites of the fitness-loving fashion set. Now the two have been combined to create a powerful new short film.

Supermodel Hilary Rhoda and actress Sophia Bush play competitors readying for a fight in a YouTube video for New York-based jewelry label Dannijo.

They are seen lifting weights, doing sit-ups – and having their make-up done – in preparation for the ring.

Titled Box ‘Em Out, the film takes inspiration from the intensity and emotion associated with both disciplines and celebrates women with a strong body and mind.

‘The idea of juxtaposing the two sports as inspiration would make for a soft yet tough, and bold yet elegant aesthetic,’ explain Dannijo co-founders Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder-Morel.

‘Both sports have an emphasis on repetition and dedication so for our latest Boxerina film, we wanted to celebrate that very spirit.’

And the sisters even make an appearance in the film themselves, effortlessly holding their own against their famous co-stars. Indeed, they themselves do regular workouts with a boxing coach – one if the inspirations for the Boxerina collection.

‘As the brand evolves it’s important that we create experiences – taking bits and pieces of what we personally love to do and injecting it into the collection to make it part of our brand’s experience,’ they said.

Source: Daily Mail

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