This weekend in Cleveland marked the beginning of filming for Bruce Willis’ new action picture “Acts of Violence.” That means you’ll might be seeing some celebs around town, like Sophia Bush for instance, who took in dinner on East Fourth.

The actress/activist, who can also be seen on Chicago P.D., said that the two entrees and five desserts she sampled at Michael Symon’s Lola “ruined” her. Been there, Sophia.

But all of those carbs are sure help with the intense action of “Acts of Violence,” in which a cop (Willis) infiltrates a human trafficking ring. Mike Epps stars as the bad guy.

Locals can also be a part of the filming process. Project Casting put out a call for teenagers in the Cleveland area and were previously on the hunt for extras for outside shots and even a gentleman’s club scene.

Willis will also begin production on another film shooting in Ohio starting in July, reports Deadline Hollywood. That one is called Reprisal and is directed by Brian A. Miller.

Source: Cleveland Scene

Sophia attended the NBC Universal Press Day in New York City yesterday, looking stunning as always!

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Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! Here are the missing episode stills from 4×13 I remember her now, 4×14 Seven indictments and 4×15 Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-will. Episode stills of the latest episode 4×16 Emotional Proximity don’t feature Erin. Chicago PD will return with episode 17 on March 22!

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02/08/2017 (10:02PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : HALSTEAD GOES UNDERCOVER AT A CORRUPT TREATMENT CENTER FOR TROUBLED YOUNG GIRLS. The body of a 15-year-old girl is found crushed in an abandoned building after she runs away from a treatment center for troubled girls. Voight (Jason Beghe) sends Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) undercover as a guard to work from the inside at the center, where he believes the girls are trading sexual favors for something in return. Meanwhile, Platt (Amy Morton) feels guilty because the victim was brought into the District last year, and Platt doesn’t remember her. Also starring Sophia Bush, Patrick John Flueger, Elias Koteas, Marina Squerciati, and LaRoyce Hawkins. Guest starring Nick Wechsler, Barbara Eve Harris and Charles Andrew Gardner.


01/18/2017 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : AN INVESTIGATION IS BLOCKED BY A CHURCH OFFERING SANCTUARY TO THE PRIMARY SUSPECTS. After a female jogger is brutally murdered in the park, Rixton (guest star Nick Wechsler) and Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) arrive to see two suspects fleeing the scene. When the men make their way inside a church, the priest and parishioners gather outside to block law enforcement from entering. While investigating the case, Rixton gets caught in a lie with Voight (Jason Beghe). Also starring Jesse Lee Soffer, Sophia Bush, Patrick John Flueger, Elias Koteas, Marina Squerciati and Amy Morton. Guest starring Carl Weathers, David Eigenberg and Torrey DeVitto.

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01/11/2017 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : INTELLIGENCE INVESTIGATES THE ACTIONS OF A PRIVATE POLICE FORCE OPERATING INDEPENDENTLY OF THE CPD. When a mutilated sex offender is found dead, it is unclear if he was the victim of a hate crime, sexual assault or self-mutilation. As Intelligence questions those related to the case, they find themselves up against a private “special police” force who may be covering up illegal activities. Meanwhile, Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) runs Jimmy’s (guest star Tony Crane) DNA to confirm that he is actually Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) father. Also starring Jason Beghe, Patrick John Flueger, Elias Koteas, Marina Squerciati, LaRoyce Hawkins and Amy Morton. Guest starring Markie Post and Nick Wechsler.

Here are the missing episode stills from the final 5 episodes of Chicago PD’s season 4!

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Revenge alum Nick Wechsler is moving up the ranks with a recurring gig on Chicago P.D., where his gang-unit member Kenny Rixton won’t get the warmest of receptions.

When Voight brings his former protégé Kenny into Intelligence during next Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), it doesn’t sit well with some of the squad.

“They want to know the story: Who am I working with? Who am I trusting my life to?” executive producer Matt Olmstead previews.

Voight, however, “isn’t in a big hurry to over-explain himself to the rest of the people who are under him in the unit,” the EP says. “He doesn’t really mind them being a little destabilized, and he’s not falling over himself to say, ‘Hey, guys, accept him.’ He’s still coming from a point of view of, ‘I run the unit. I brought him in. I say he’s going to work out, [then] he’s going to work out. So do your job.’”

Chicago PD SpoilersBut that non-answer “may not be good enough for some people, like Halstead and Atwater, who want to know more about this guy,” Olmstead continues.

Kenny’s arrival stirs “different reactions from the characters in the unit, in terms of their willingness to look past certain things,” the EP adds.

Having turned his own life around to a degree, Voight “believes in” Kenny’s future potential – and that could lead to heartache for the typically stoic Sergeant.

“We’re going to explore the circumstances of why [Kenny] wants to leave the gang unit,” Olmstead teases. “The question becomes: Can [Kenny] make a transition into legitimate detective work when he came from the murky Wild West of the gang unit? That’s this character’s journey, which isn’t entirely successful, at least at the outset. Do old habits die hard? And does that kind of break Voight’s heart, in terms of wanting this kid to move forward like he, himself, did?”

Source: TVLine

Well, this is awkward: During this Tuesday’s crossover between Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. (starting at 9/8c on NBC), Severide will find himself on the wrong side of the law… and his ex-girlfriend.

“We thought a perfect character-based crossover would be Severide looking like he had committed vehicular homicide, and Lindsay being the one that has to come and arrest him, and all the ramifications of that,” Fire executive producer Derek Haas previews.

The idea for the special event originally started out as an episode of P.D. “We had this really great script about… high-end car-theft rings,” P.D. EP Matt Olmstead shares. “It was right there; it was all good. We were just looking for that personal connection.”

And they found it in the rescue squad lieutenant. “When we read that [script], we thought, ‘Oh, what if we had Severide drinking because of the complications to Anna, the girl lying in the hospital bed?” Haas describes. Combine intoxication with a somewhat checkered past, and Severide is looking awfully guilty of driving under the influence.

The firefighter was also an ideal crossover candidate because “we knew that we hadn’t overused that character too much on P.D.” Olmstead says. “He hadn’t really been around since that romance with Lindsay” several seasons ago.

Plus, the exes’ relationship history “actually gave even more momentum” to the storyline “because [Lindsay] would have an emotional investment to seeing him,” Olmstead continues. “It really helped us out, because not only is Chicago Fire/PD CrossoverVoight kind of keeping an eye on her, and aware of the fact they used to date, but he’s also smartly bringing her into it and letting her use that, because it’s keeping Severide talking.”

Then there’s Lindsay’s current boyfriend, Halstead, who is “a little quick to think that Severide is guilty [because of] the fact that this guy used to sleep with his girlfriend, and he isn’t really realizing he’s doing it till down the road,” Olmstead previews. “So it really destabilizes everyone, but not Voight, who is using all of these emotions and relationships to get to the bottom of what happened, essentially.”

Considering all the complex dynamics at play, Haas sums up the Severide-focused arc as “fraught with drama” and “juicy” in its exploration of whether Lindsay is “giving favorable treatment to [someone] who could be a murderer simply because she used to go out with him.”

Source: TVLine

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