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PRE-FINALE EPISODES | Casey may be eying engagement rings, but he and Dawson are facing a “fork in the road,” says executive producer Matt Olmstead. “He’s not thrilled about her becoming a firefighter, which really is the crux of it all between the two of them… [But] his approach to it in looking at that ring is [to] blow past it all.” Whether this conflict will bring them closer together or tear them apart will “play out [through] the end of the season and resolve in early Season 3.” On April 29, Fire kicks off the first half of a two-night crossover with Chicago P.D., featuring guest stars Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist) and Dylan Baker (The Good Wife), during which one of Firehouse 51’s own goes missing when a bomb explodes at a hospital. Elsewhere, Shay gets a visit from “someone from her past” — and it’s not the good kind of pop-in. “Immediately, everybody who knows [Shay] is advising her, vehemently, to not let this person back in her life,” previews Olmstead. “And Shay, perhaps a fool for love, is reluctant to listen.”

MAY 13 SEASON FINALE | “When I pitched what we came up with in the room to [executive producer] Dick Wolf, his response was, ‘This is one of the best season-ending cliffhangers I’ve ever heard,’ and he’s heard a few,” Olmstead shares. “A lot of people [are] in jeopardy, as is inherent with being a firefighter. It’s a big event where it’s life or death for a lot of people.” Meanwhile, with their romance blossoming across two shows, P.D.’s Lindsay “plays an important part in Severide’s life” in the closer. “We’re really encouraged by that relationship and plan on [delving] into it more.”

Source: TVLine

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