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The mystery of who killed Jin will be “wrapped up fairly quickly,” executive producer Matt Olmstead reveals. Until then, “Voight goes through a crucible.” Meanwhile, Lindsay faces another blast from the past when her junkie mom (Night Court’s Markie Post) shows up. “It’s a window into what she has gone through, what she overcame and, really, what Voight did to help get her through that,” Olmstead describes. In the love department, Lindsay and Chicago Fire’s Severide are going strong, but “as in any relationship, there are competing interests that might pull them apart.” New couple Burgess and Ruzek are keeping their romance secret to protect her shot at an Intelligence job, but a new partner (Boardwalk Empire’s Brian Geraghty) reinvigorates the street cop’s love for her current gig. Things are less peachy for Antonio, whose wife packed up and left with their children. “He finds himself having to commute to see his kids on his days off,” Olmstead says. “But here he is, single in Chicago for the first time in his adult life.”

BONUS SPOILER | Remember the files Jin sent before being offed? “That resurfaces because he knew it was coming — and he sent it to a surprise character,” Olmstead teases.

RETURN DATE | Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c (NBC)

Source: TVLine

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