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I have completed adding Season 5 OTH Captures so be sure to go check those out. I am hoping by the weekends end I can get caught up on Season 6 Captures just in time for the return of OTH on Monday 🙂

I also added recent appearance photos of Sophia in HQ and MQ so be sure to check those out as well, and I’ll be doing tons more updates later.

Gallery Links:

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.15 Life is Short

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.16 Crying Won’t Help You Now

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.17 Hate is Safer then Love

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.18 What Comes After The Blues

Public Appearances > Parties > LeSportsac 35th Anniversary Celebration 2-15-2009

Public Appearances > Fashion > MBFW Fall 2009 MALANDRINO 2-19-2009

I have also updated the affiliates finally so be sure to check out the newest additions and I’m still accepting Elite, Top and Regular so apply!

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