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I was lucky enough to get a hold of the Jack Guy Photoshoot that Sophia did in HQ so I replaced the mq ones with beautiful High Quality Photos so I hope you all love them 🙂

I also capped 5 more episodes today from Season 5 so be sure to check those out as well, enjoy.

Gallery Links:

Studio Photoshoots > Session #1 *Updated to High Quality*

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.10 Running to Stand Still

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.11 You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.12 Hundred

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.13 Echoes, Silence , Patience & Grace

One Tree Hill > Season 5 > Captures > 5.14 What do you go home to

2 Responses to “Jack Guy Shoot in HQ & more S5 Oth Captures”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey I still have you as an elite. If you want me to take you off let me know and if I don’t hear from you then I guess that’s a yes because you alreadt took me off of your and I sent you a email changing the link.

  2. philip hough says:

    just to let you know one tree hil season five is ceapest online at at £29.99..

    plus great site that youve got im going to keep viewing.. just a question is there a message board ? and are you going to make it a members site aswell?..

    from phil

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