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I have added some more outtakes from the “Ocean Drive” shoot Sophia did so be sure to check those out.

Hayley and I were also able to put some of our money together and buy some of those rare One Tree Hill Photoshoots that were going around as soon as we raise more money for the site we will buy the rest 🙂 so consider donating for that if you can thanks!! For now we bought 31 Photos in total! Sophia looks so stunning in them all, so be sure to check them all out but please do not cut the tags off and put on your site, thanks.

Gallery Links:

– Studio Photoshoots > Session #14

–  One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Promotional Photos > Just Brooke x13

–  One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Promotional Photos > The Cast x9

–  One Tree Hill > Season 3 > Promotional Photos > Just Brooke x9

Also I’ll be adding scans soon from Health and Vanity Fair I picked up my copies just have to hook my scanner back up so soon 🙂

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  1. sam says:

    OMG those oth promos are beautiful! never seen those before thanks andrea. btw theres a new trailer and stills out for sophia’s new movie 🙂

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