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I have added over 300 Captures from last nights Season 6 Premiere episode of One Tree Hill “Touch Me I’m going to Scream Part 1” I’ll do my best to get clips and them in Sophia Vision to watch and download soon.

I enjoyed the premiere very much minus the fact that Brooke and Lucas are not together I am still keeping the Brucas Faith and believe they will get their time again. All in all I enjoyed it there was a lot of twist and turns in the episode all together I am just upset that Brooke is all alone everyone’s paired off except her 🙁 I hated what happend to her at the end and I feel that her mother might of been the reason but who knows I’m spoiler free so go to enjoy the episode without knowing whats going to happen.Feel Free to post what you thought of the episode in the comments I’d love to know what everyone’s thoughts were besides my own. 🙂

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Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 – Captures

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  1. Sam says:

    I havent watched this yet..but I already know Brucas didnt get together 🙁 Im still rooting for them though! They are end game!

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