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The biggest night in TV is almost upon us, friends! Find out who Sophia thinks should bring home that little golden lady.

When you’re watching the Emmys, with your fingers crossed for your favorite stars and shows, do you ever wonder who other celebs are rooting for? We do too, which is why we had to get Sophia Bush‘s take on this year’s Emmy frontrunners when we saw her Sept. 14 at the Cinema Society’s premiere of Restless in NYC.

“I’m always rooting for Modern Family and 30 Rock,” she told of her picks. “And I’m so excited for Game of Thrones! My Hitcher co-star Sean Bean killed it on that show, so I’m really rooting for them. It’s hard because there’s so much good TV happening now. I’m just excited to see what happens!”

Sophia’s a Game of Thrones fan? That makes two of us! My pillow is still stained from the night we lost Ned Stark. (Seriously, I could write a Taylor Swift-style song about how upset that made me.)

Source: Hollywood Life

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