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May 2011
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CW Announces Return of One Tree Hill for Ninth Season

One Tree Hill Season 9 has been in doubt for months, as the show appeared to be on the brink of cancellation. In fact, fans of the CW soap were in for a very tense day Tuesday, as the Season 8 finale was set to air. No one knew if it would be the final episode for the series, or just a regular cliffhanger ending before the show returned in September. However, hours before the episode aired, the CW announced there would be a renewal.

Warning: Spoilers follow

After One Tree Hill was put on the edge of the bubble for weeks, it will get to come back for Season 9 after all, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The down side is that only 13 episodes will air next year, although they may not premiere until midseason. But for long-time viewers, it is still better than nothing.

The decision came at the last possible moment to spare fans before Season 8 came to an end Tuesday. As such, viewers could now watch the finale and be reassured that any new questions would be answered in September.

Still, the producers didn’t have that luxury when they crafted the episode. Therefore, it was framed to look like a potential series finale just in case. By spanning an entire year of events in the episode, it allowed Brooke to give birth to twin boys, Chase to return from the Air Force, and a supposed final string of musical montages.

Zap2it’s Carina Adly MacKenzie stated that the hour “could have served well as a series finale,” which only raises more questions for next year. Since everything seemed to end well for the characters, it gives the writers less wiggle room to craft a whole new round of drama.

However, these writers have already wrung out eight seasons worth of plot twists and complications. They even kept doing so when star Chad Michael Murray left, and when the series moved from the old WB network. Therefore, putting something together for 13 more episodes may not be too hard. Yet if it fails, fans may wind up wishing for the happier ending they saw Tuesday night.

At the least, the CW gets to keep at least one long-time favorite after saying goodbye to Smallville last Friday. One Tree Hill is now the longest running series on the network, which is likely
the biggest reason it is still alive. The CW needs some name brand recognition, and this show and Supernatural serve as its flagship franchises.

Now that the series will be back for Season 9, viewers can breathe a sigh of relief, although they still don’t know when new episodes will premiere. But whenever next season comes, they will surely detail yet another new era for the show after the twists in Tuesday’s finale.

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