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July 2011
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Sophia Bush and Drea de Matteo: ‘Mob Wives’ dinner party madness!

If “Mob Wives” isn’t your guiltiest pleasure, it should be. The VH1 reality show reminds us of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” only the mob wives will throw a table at you and hire someone to kill you if you upset their delicate sensibilities.

“One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush and Drea de Matteo of “The Sopranos” shot a hilariously accurate Funny or Die video to highlight the vicious dinner party cycle of violence and curse words.

In the clip, “the Mob Wives regret last night’s dinner party where they all beat each other’s faces in (because they’re better than that), so they’ve decided to throw another dinner party to smooth things over and beat each other’s faces in.”

We kind of want to throw a tiny-whiny, itty-bitty dinner party now.

Source: Zap2It

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