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January 2014
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‘Chicago PD’s’ Sophia Bush: ‘One Tree Hill’ was ‘a rare experience’

Zap2it: After your long run as Brooke on “One Tree Hill,” how are you adjusting to playing a police detective on “Chicago PD”?

Sophia Bush: It feels like a perfect job for me, and that’s something that makes it really exciting to get up and go to work every day. I’m not going to lie; I have a really hard time when we’re shooting outside and the wind chill is 6 below … but I love the city.

I think it has such a personality, and the incredible dichotomy of culture and spirit that exists within the city gives it such an incredible character. Chicago is really the backdrop for everything in our show, and it feels personal. It doesn’t feel like just a location, but like the heartbeat beneath everything that we do.

Zap2it: You got to develop a character over the better part of a decade on “One Tree Hill.” How is it for you to dial back to the beginning now in playing Detective Erin Lindsay?

Sophia Bush: Obviously, it’s such a rare experience to be on a show that runs for nine years, but part of the reason we got to know so much about Brooke Davis was that I got to play her for so long and explore everything.

It is such a trip to create someone from the beginning again, I’m really enjoying it — but you never know. You think that maybe you’re too close to something, but when we watched the first episode, I thought, “This doesn’t feel like a pilot. All these people feel so fleshed out.” It felt like we were picking up in the middle of something.

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