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July 2014
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Chicago PD Season 2 Updates & Spoilers

So the entire cast & crew, including Sophia, of Chicago PD is back in the city to start filming Season 2! Here are twitter updates & spoilers!! Enjoy!

Madeline: Chicago PD is so underrated and Sophia Bush is so good on it! Anything you can tell us about her character next season?
Prepare to meet someone major from Lindsay’s past in the premiere. And it’s really, really intense and will shed a light on her not-so-great childhood.

Source: EOnline!

What can you say is coming up for Lindsay and Severide this season on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire? — Nina
A love triangle! Showrunner Matt Olmstead says that Severide will stay with Lindsay throughout Season 3, but he also says that sparks will continue to fly between Lindsay and her partner Halstead. “I’m sure it will be sticky again for Lindsey and Halstead,” Jesse Lee Soffer says. “They obviously still have a connection. Who knows if they’ll take that risk and if Voight will allow that to happen or if he’ll end up killing somebody?” I know he’s kidding, but let’s not forget what happened to poor Jin in the season finale! RIP!

Source: TVGuide

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