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Your ultimate Sophia Bush resource
March 2018
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New owner!

Hi! My name is Mirela. I have just adopted this fansite, and I can’t thank Flaunt for this opportunity.

I intend on updating this fansite regularly. Because the fansite hasn’t been updated in a while, it will take some time for me to get things going again. But rest assured, it will be up and running soon as I also upload new themes.

Thank you and have a great day!


September 2014
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Follow @sophiabfanorg on twitter! (again)

Somehow the site twitter account was deleted about a week ago. I applied for another, but all the tweets, people I followed, and all you amazing fans who followed @sophiabfanorg are gone! I’m very bummed out about this all, so I hope you will follow us again for the latest news on Sophia! If I followed you, please let me know as well. I will follow again!

The page name is still the same: @sophiabfanorg

Thank you!!

September 2013
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New Lay-Out!

As you can see Sophia Bush Fan has a brand new lay-out! It was made by Autumn Sky Designs! I think it looks wonderful, the photo of Sophia in the header is beautiful. What do you think? Leave a comment!

Also I’m updated the gallery with the missing updates and a lot of contents so be sure to check back regularly!

August 2012
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New Lay-out!

Yes, you see it correctly! After a year, Sophia Bush Fan has a new lay-out!! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

June 2011
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New Lay-out at Sophia Bush Fan!

As you can see Sophia Bush Fan has a brand new lay-out! A little lighter this time, which I really like. I think the lay-out is very beautiful. It’s made by Carlyn and a big thanks goes to her! So what do you think?

April 2011
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New Gallery Lay-out!

There is a new lay-out up in the gallery! The photoshoot used was the One Tree Hill Season 2 shoot! Hope you like it, let me know in the comments!

September 2010
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Stepping Down

After the 1st of October this site will be up for adoption on I know your all surprised by my decision to step down as the owner.

As much as I love Sophia and will continue to support her I am going into a different direction in my life and its time for me to move on from this site. I will miss it and everything that goes along with it, but it is for the best, I have faith someone will take really good care of this site!

So Stay Tune for the new owner and please treat them with respect and continue to support Sophia Bush Fan we are a little over 5 years old such an amazing thing.

September 2010
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New Layout

We’re Back with a new layout as we head into Fall I hope you all love it as much as me, it was designed by my good friend Tathy at Night and Day Design

Season 8 of One Tree Hill returns on September 14th on its all new night Tuesday so be sure to tune in! .

May 2010
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Celebrating 5 Years Online

Sophia Bush Fan is Celebrating 5 Years Online so as a celebration we have two stunning New Layouts one here on the main site and one in the Gallery done by the incredible Designers Amanda and Tathy.

I have updated a few things around the site and made the Filmography area more extensive so check it out and I’ll be adding more to the area as time goes on because I want it to be very detailed along with other areas around the site so expect that over the summer.

So have a look around if there are any broken links or things are out of place please let me know! I would love to know what your thoughts are on the new Designs as well and if there is anything you’d like to be added to the site.

April 2010
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All New One Tree Hill

Don’t Miss an All New One Tree Hill tonight, and the New Layout will be up on May 1st!