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Chicago PD: Episode Guide Season 4

Chicago PD Season 3 stars:
♥ Jason Beghe as Sergeant Hank Voight
♥ Jon Seda as Detective Antonio Dawson (4×01 – 4×08, Jon Seda transfers to Chicago Justice)
♥ Sophia Bush as Detective Erin Lindsay
♥ Jesse Lee Soffer as Detective Jay Halstead
♥ Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek
♥ Marina Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess
♥ LaRoyce Hawkins as Officer Kevin Atwater
♥ Amy Morton as Sergeant Trudy Platt
♥ Elias Koteas as Detective Alvin Olinsky

4×01 The Silos

Intelligence investigates a gruesome case. Upon further examination, it appears the victim was wearing a CPD-issued wire at the time of his death. Meanwhile, Burgess meets her new partner, Julie Tay, who came from one of the worst assignments in the city. Together they respond to their first call, and Tay shares details of her past. Additionally, Commander Crowley confronts Lindsay about why she and Voight were at that location on the night that Intelligence pursued Justin’s killer.

Guest Starring: Samuel Hunt as Mouse, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Marlyne Barret as Maggie Lockwood, Barbara Eve Harris as Commander Emma Crowley, Li Jun Li as Julie Tay, James Andrew O’Connor as Ted Berner, Stephanie Kurtzuba as Detective Ricci, Caroline Neff as Olive Morgan Voight, Ian Bedford as Commander Fogel.

4×02 Made A Wrong Turn

When a call comes in reporting a car being stripped, Burgess and Tay respond and discover a badly beaten young man and his fiancé missing. Fearing a public relations nightmare Voight and the team are on their best behavior as they search for answers and the missing woman. At the same time, Lindsay surprises Halsted with a big question. Commander Fogel berates Platt for going over his head to have Tay assigned to District 21.

Guest Starring: Samuel Hunt as Mouse, Li Jun Li as Tay, Ian Bedford as Commander Fogel, Brian Tee as Dr. Ethan Choi, Barbara Eve Harris as Commander Emma Crowley, Sam Straley as Nathan Ward.

4×03 All Cyllinders Firing

When Platt goes to her father Robert’s house for dinner, she warns him to be careful with his new girlfriend Natalie. Following dinner, Platt is physically assaulted as she’s getting into her car and is rushed to Chicago Med. Voight, Lindsay and Halstead arrive at the hospital to investigate, and a concerned Mouch finds himself being questioned. Meanwhile, Antonio leads the rest of Intelligence at the scene as they look into previous threats against Platt, but his attention shifts when he is called into Robert’s townhouse and finds signs of an even more gruesome attack on Platt’s father.

Guest Starring: Chelcie Ross as Robert Platt, Lilia Vassileva as Natalie, Christian Stolte as Mouch, Marlyne Barret as Maggie Lockwood, Colin Donnel as Dr. Connor Rhodes, Barbare Eve Harris as Commander Emma Crowley, Gideon Emery as Wade McGregor.

4×04 Big Friends Big Enemies

When a car plows through a crowd of concert goers and gunfire erupts, Lindsay and Ruzek are on the scene. Unsure of the motive and concerned a terrorist group may be responsible, Voight orders in Homeland security, customs and the F.B.I. to assist. At the same time, Burgess spots Atwater’s brother, Jordan, out where he shouldn’t be. The team use their connections to throughout the city to bring some peace to the community before more blood is shed.

Guest Starring: Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson as Jordan Atwater, Li Jun Li as Julie Tay, Marlyne Barret as Maggie Lockwood, Kenneth Tyrone Burns Jr, Zoe Ishmael as Vinessa Atwater.

4×05 A War Zone

Intelligence is tasked with tracking down the dealers of fentanyl – a drug that has been linked to multiple overdoses around the city. As they investigate possible sources, the team uncovers a series of dealers in a college smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Tay and Burgess come across a bloodied child who exposes a dark and twisted secret about his home life with his parents. Additionally, Mouse causes tension as he looks to reenlist in the army, and Platt tells Tay that she has been reassigned to her original post.

Guest Starring: Samuel Hunt as Mouse, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead, Li Jun Li as Julie Tay, Yuri Sardarov as Otis, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead, Brendan Dooling as Scott Fitzgerald.

4×06 Some Friend

After receiving a complaint from a frustrated neighbor, Burgess and Officer Sorensen arrive to the house of baseball player Jake McCoy, and find the dead body of a 16-year-old girl, Maya Collins. There is conflict within the case as Intelligence learns that Olinsky and McCoy are friends, and McCoy admits that he was helping Maya and other girls try to escape the sex trade. Meanwhile, Burgess and Sorensen track down a thief who turns out to be a cop with a rocky past, and Lindsay gets a mysterious flower delivery that may be tied to her past.

Guest Starring: Kevin Kane as Officer Mike Sorensen, Billy Burke as Jake McCoy, Violett Beane as Maya Collins, Barbara Eve Harris as Commander Emma Crowley, Chris Agos ASA Steve Kott, Matt McTighe as Freddie Mays, Sophia Ntovas as Marley McCoy.

4×07 300,000 likes/4×08 A Shot Heard Round the World

When a young officer is shot dead in the lobby of an apartment building, Intelligence looks to the latest known offenders who have threatened the police. But when a second officer is killed, the team finds that they are dealing with someone who is highly trained and knowledgeable. Voight works to keep the case contained as they deal with Chicago’s ever-present war against the police. Meanwhile, Lindsay confronts Antonio about his new job with the State’s Attorney.

Guest Starring: Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson, S. Epatha Merkelson as Sharon Goodwin, Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles, Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden, David Eigenberg as Christopher Hermann, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead, Kevin Kane as Mike Sorensen, Gus Halper as Oliver Tuxhorn, Markie Post as Bunny Fletcher, Philip Winchester as Philip Stone, Barbare Eve Harris as Emma Crowley.

4×09 Don’t Bury This Case

Severide is brought into the District for questioning after his car is found to have caused a deadly crash. As the investigation gets underway, the team works to uncover a group of car-jackers who may be the key to Severide’s innocence. Meanwhile, Voight pairs Burgess with Olinsky, who has a hard time feigning his excitement about this new partnership, and Lindsay (Sophia Bush) considers meeting her estranged father who is now out of prison.

Guest Starring: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Christian Stolte as Randy ‘Mouch’ McHolland, Sasha Smith

4×10 Don’t Read the News

After the body of young woman is found with multiple gunshot wounds, Intelligence uncovers details of her case that are similar to other deaths. They work to link all of these murders together to pin down the serial killer, and appease the families of the victims who have been looking for answers. Meanwhile, Lindsay decides to meet her biological father for the first time, and Voight welcomes Kenny Rixton to the team when Ruzek takes an undercover assignment.

Guest Starring: Markie Post as Bunny Fletcher, Barbara Eve Harris as Commander Crowley, Chris Agos, Nick Wechsler as Kenny Rixton, Tony Crane as Jimmy.

4×11 You Wish

When a mutilated sex offender is found dead, it is unclear if he was the victim of a hate crime, sexual assault or self-mutilation. As Intelligence questions those related to the case, they find themselves up against a private “special police” force who may be covering up illegal activities. Meanwhile, Halstead runs Jimmy’s DNA to confirm that he is actually Lindsay’s father.

Guest Starring: Markie Post as Bunny Fletcher, Nick Wechsler as Kenny Rixton, Tony Crane as Jimmy

4×12 Sanctuary

After a female jogger is brutally murdered in the park, Rixton and Atwater arrive to see two suspects fleeing the scene. When the men make their way inside a church, the priest and parishioners gather outside to block law enforcement from entering. While investigating the case, Rixton gets caught in a lie with Voight.

Guest Starring: Carl Weathers, David Eigenberg as Christopher Hermann, Torrey DeVitto as Dr. Natalie Manning, Nick Wechsler as Kenny Rixton