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2009: Table for Three

Role: Mary

Year: 2009

Director: Michael Samonek

Writers: Michael Samonek

Details: A suddenly single guy invites what he thinks is a perfect couple to move into his apartment, only to discover they quickly insert themselves into all aspects of his life.

Cast: Sophia Bush , Brandon Routh , Jesse Bradford for more of the cast visit IMDb

Summary: Mary and Ryan are the perfect couple, a little too perfect and move in with a single guy named Scott. At first everything is pretty good, until Scott starts becoming the third wheel when going out with Mary and Ryan. Scott finally meets someone and Mary and Ryan get jealous so start to ruin his relationship with the girl on purpose.  Mary and Ryan are a bit nuts if you’d like to put it that way so always need a third wheel in their relationship to hold things together. In the end they tell Scott they are gonna split up but that is just a lie they stay together.


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