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September 2008
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Season Premiere OTH Captures!

I have added over 300 Captures from last nights Season 6 Premiere episode of One Tree Hill “Touch Me I’m going to Scream Part 1” I’ll do my best to get clips and them in Sophia Vision to watch and download soon.

I enjoyed the premiere very much minus the fact that Brooke and Lucas are not together I am still keeping the Brucas Faith and believe they will get their time again. All in all I enjoyed it there was a lot of twist and turns in the episode all together I am just upset that Brooke is all alone everyone’s paired off except her 🙁 I hated what happend to her at the end and I feel that her mother might of been the reason but who knows I’m spoiler free so go to enjoy the episode without knowing whats going to happen.Feel Free to post what you thought of the episode in the comments I’d love to know what everyone’s thoughts were besides my own. 🙂

Gallery Links:

Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 1 – Captures

September 2008
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Season 6 of One Tree Hill Premieres tonight!

Don’t miss the Season 6 Premiere of One Tree Hill tonight on the cw! I’ll have caps and clips up so be sure to check late tonight or tomorrow! Happy Labor Day everyone!

August 2008
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Special Features Captures!

I have captured all of the special features already from the Season 5 Dvd set of One Tree Hill I will be working on clips and hopefully have those up tonight to download and enjoy at Sophia Vision so check back later 🙂 Below you can find a preview of the captures I added to the Gallery.

Gallery Links:

One Tree Hill Fast Forward

One Tree Hill Musical Stars

One Tree Hill at 100

Racing Like a Pro – Deleted Scene

Please Please Please Let me get What I Want – Deleted Scene

You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side – Deleted Scene

August 2008
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Season 5 Own it today!

I just picked up my copy of One Tree Hill today at target it does include A copy of Lucas Scotts Novel but it is just a blank journal to write in yourself. You can pick it up for 39.99

August 2008
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Own One Tree Hill Season 5 Tomorrow

One Tree Hill Season 5 goes out on DVD tomorrow. So be sure to pick up your copy I will do my best to get all the special features capped and clipped this week sometime as well.

Below you can find a few prices of the DVD at different stores.

Amazon: $38.99

Target: $38.99

Walmart: $38.86

August 2008
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Recent Pictures

We have updated the gallery with some recent pictures. The details are below:

TAO Las Vegas

2008 Teen Choice Awards